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midwifery in newfoundland and labrador

central health midwifery

Central Health Midwifery is the first midwifery practice in the province and began in 2019. This team of midwives is located in Gander NL. The clinic is located within the Bell Community Health Centre, and midwives work at the James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre. To become a client of Central Health Midwives, call (709)-651-6489 to fill out an intake form. Click here to learn more.

innu round table secretariat midwifery program

The Innu Midwifery Program aims to reintroduce midwifery to Sheshatshiu and Natuashish, drawing on Innu Elders’ knowledge of Innu birthing practices, to support the training of Innu midwives using a culturally specific, hands-on, and individually paced learning approach. Restoring midwifery to the Innu communities will result in Innu babies being born into Innu hands on Innu lands, fostering a greater connection to the land and culture, continuation of cultural practices and culturally safe care, and empowering women in the context of their childbearing experience. The Innu Midwifery Program will be launched April 1, 2023; the Innu Round Table Secretariat has hired Gisela Becker as the program’s implementation coordinator and six student midwives, three from each community. 

provincial chief midwife

Following the introduction of the Midwives Regulations, which came into force under the Health Professions Act in 2016, the Department of Health and Community Services hired a Provincial Midwifery Consultant to lead and coordinate the provincial processes that would support practice integration for registered midwives across the province. This includes providing expert advice on midwifery practice, supporting policy development, facilitating integration issues, and the overall implementation of the model of midwifery service in the province. 

Gisela Becker, RM fulfilled this role from 2017 to 2020, when the title changed to Provincial Chief Midwife. Gisela became the province’s first registered midwife under the Health Professions Act. Brianna Thompson, RM is the current Provincial Chief Midwife, and has been with the Department since 2022. Before that, Brianna was one of the original midwives of Central Health Midwifery, established in 2019.

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