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Association Objectives
The Objectives of the Association of Midwives of Newfoundland and Labrador (revised 1994/1999/2001) are:
1. To promote recognition in this province of the role of midwives as defined in the "International Definition of a
     Midwife" (WHO/FIGO/ICM).
2. To promote the legislation for the legal practice of midwives, as funded and self-regulated health professionals.
3. To provide opportunity for communication among all midwives in the province.
4. To promote total midwifery care for childbearing families in this province:
a. by working toward continuing education through workshops, courses, publications etc. for midwives;
b. by acting as a resource for health professionals in maternity/obstetrical/community areas;
c. by acting in liaison with other professional and community special interest groups;
d. by identifying areas of concern in which improvement in care is needed, e.g. breastfeeding, perinatal mortality ;and morbidity, follow-up care after discharge from hospital, preconception and prenatal and postnatal education, continuity of care by known caregiver(s) from pregnancy through postpartum for mother and baby.
5. To promote active research in the areas of maternal, neonatal, and family care and in particular midwifery.
6. To support the Canadian Association of Midwives, as it pertains to this provincial Association.