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Welcome to the Association of Midwives of Newfoundland and Labrador (AMNL).   

We are very pleased to announce that  families in Central Health Region now have access to midwifery services, with four Midwives working in the Region, (check out Find a Midwife in NL above). We are lobbying for continued discussions with health boards and other stakeholders to progress the growth of midwifery service across the province. We would like to acknowledge the work that has been done to reach this stage in Midwifery in Newfoundland and Labrador please read A Big Thank You

Midwiives in NL work in an employment model in one of the Regional Health Authorities,. Midwives who will be employed in one of the Regional Health Authorities must become a member of AMNL in order to receive Professional Indemnity Insurance and complete their registration with the Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Health Professionals (NLCHP).  

The Association is a professional  interest group which has been working over a number of years to achieve regulation of midwives in the province. There is continued work to do to ensure Midwifery is integrated into the public health care system across the province.

To assist AMNL in it's continued  work please read this document

For further information check out the news items in our News and Events

A College of Midwives of Newfoundland and Labrador(CMNL) was set up in 2016. To find out more about CMNL  here