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News And Events
Recent items on the radio  - 16-11-2020
Lately there has been a number of items in the news and on radio highlighting birth, and maternity care needs.

Midwifery in Gander CBC  - 16-07-2020
Midwifery in Central

Midwifery soon to be offered in Gander  - 30-11-2019
The first midwifery practice to be set up in Gander

Association of Ontario Midwives wins Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario case  - 30-09-2018
Midwives and Pay equity

International Day of the Midwife  - 27-05-2018
May 5th Celebration of International Day of the midwife at Gander Public Library.

Globe and Mail article  - 28-01-2018
Midwifery consultant tasked with special delivery.

VOCM   - 28-01-2018
Province to re-introduce Midwifery

AMNL/YWCA evening  - 28-01-2018
Celebrating Women's Leadership:Midwifery

Midwifery Consultant   - 09-09-2017

Minister announces Hiring of Midwifery Consultant May 2017   - 09-09-2017
Minister Announces hiring of Midwifery Consultant

Midwifery Regulations  - 21-05-2017
Midwifery regulations announced

Aboriginal Midwifery  - 17-01-2015
Bringing birth back to the community

Midwives in the Media  - 17-01-2015
White Coat Black Art

The Midwives Song  - 01-05-2014
A song in celebration of International Day of the Midwife May 5th

AMNL response to Minister Sullivan's announcement  - 07-04-2014
AMNL response to Minister Sullivan's announcement

International Day of the Midwife  - 15-03-2014
May 5th is International Day of the Midwife.

Announcement from the Minister of Health and Community services  - 28-02-2014
Minister Susan Sullivan of Community Health and Social Services released the report Implementing Midwifery in Newfoundland and Labrador

Media Follow-up  - 01-03-2014
Media segments following the ministers announcement